Thursday, 31 January 2008

Training update

Another Thursday, but this time its not been too bad. I'm not saying it was great, just ok. I'd like to think I'd a minimal calorie excess for the day.

Had every intention of going for an outdoor run this evening, but when it came around to it, I realised it was blowing a gale and bloody freezing. Opted for the treadmill instead and W4D3 of the JD Red plan. I'm getting towards the end of the first set of the plan, but I still haven't cracked a full set of the 6 min runs at threshold pace (D3) or a full set of the 4 min runs at threshold (D5).

So tonight, I decided to drop the pace a little and aim to get a full set in. I didn't quite succeed, but I did manage to do 3 out of the four of them, and finished up with two 4 min ones, so I'm happy enough. Total running time was 50 mins, which after my hour last night isn't bad going.

I definitely figure that I need to up the pace slightly though as I think my body is becoming too accustomed to the "slow" pace. Only problem is that the threshold pace is too fast according to the JD guides, so I guess I'll just have to fudge it for a while.

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