Thursday, 24 January 2008

Black Thursday

Another disastrous Thursday...its turning into a joke now. Day started off well, was up at 6.30am and in the gym around 7.30am for a weights session. Got into work for 9am, all going well. Only thing I had to eat (actually drink) was a protein drink that I purchased in the gym.

So I get to 11am and I'm getting pretty hungry. I know there'll be a buffet at work around 12pm, but the selections been poor enough the last few weeks so I decided to go for a Ham and Emmental "special" roll from the deli across the road. This is my regular roll, the specialness being it includes salad, wholegrain mustard and mayonnaise. Could probably do without the mayo, but probably not too bad besides (don't start about the carbs T, I said I was starting next week).

So this brings me to my first mistake of the day...I also go for a big dirty sausage roll with it (you know that old adage about not shopping when you're hungry...). To pretend I'm being healthy, I also get two banana's for later.

So thats grand, I'm satiated for the time being. The buffet comes at work and while the rest of the herd are swarming I'm chilling. However, after the hoard have been and gone, there's always the left-overs...normally involving a load of junk food. So rest of my evening is spent snacking on crisps, nachos, flapjacks, etc, etc. Absolute disaster.

Then in the evening, I get to the gym again for pilates (see following post) and also get a run in. Course I'm starving after this and just decide on the way into the supermarket that I'm just going to get some junk, that the day is already a write off.

I suppose, considering the weights and the run I'm probably not too bad, but its the lack of mental willpower that really annoys me. Suppose it can only get better. T has convinced me to give a "diet" next week for a month or two, more info on which I'll post next week. Hopefully that'll help...probably won't.

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