Sunday, 13 January 2008

Training update

Had two decent workouts over the last few days. Yesterday (Friday) I done a good weights session in the gym. Was also planning on giving W2D5 of the JD Red plan a go, but after the weights I was struggling on the treadmill and quickly gave up. Got down to the pool for a few lengths, but hardly anything worth mentioning. To be honest, getting a little bit annoyed with it at the moment.

Then today, on of the lads rang to see if I wanted to go down the gym...grand says I, expecting a good session. Didn't turn out like that, ended up spending all the time in the jacuzzi and sauna. Still no harm chilling for a while.

Went back again later for a proper session. Actually done W2D5 of the JD Red plan, just failing to complete the last rep properly. I could probably have done it but was happy getting 5 out of the 6 reps done so broke the last one into two parts before the warmdown. Felt pretty good afterwards.

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