Thursday, 17 January 2008

Quick update

Haven't really done a whole lot over the last two days. Ended up doing some weights last night in the gym. I changed tack a little bit in this session, going back to some heavier weights with plenty of rest between sets. I hope to do this every 3 or 4 sessions just for a bit of variety. I actually had plenty of time between sets last night as one of the lads from football was also down so ended up chatting a fair bit between sets.

Best thing about last night though was that I got my first decent run in the pool of the year. I was in there for at least 40 mins, with a whole lane to myself for the most part. Ended up doing TI drills, mainly focusing on ensuring that I was able to do 1 & 2 stroke swimming with three breaths. This went well enough, and it was pretty disciplined so hopefully something to work off next time I get down to the pool.

Even yesterday I was starting to come down with a bit of a cold and its definitely started to settle in today...sneezing, runny nose, sore throat at work today. I was half considering going home early but stuck with it...we'll see how tomorrow goes. Strange thing was that I perked up around 4pm and was dead keen on going for a run...common sense prevailed and I took it easy this evening.

I've been using the time to play around with the Sport Tracks software that I use with the Garmin...its a seriously quality piece of kit, really powerful, especially with some of the plugins that you can get. I've been playing around with the overlay one, which lets you overlay graphs of different activities over one another. This will be quite a useful feature when I've got a few more benchmark treadmill is the output with my two current benchmark runs.

Any of you out there with a Garmin (or any other GPS enabled HRM) should definitely check this piece of software out.

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