Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another good day

Following on from yesterdays exertions, I was pretty determined to have a pretty active day today. Last night, the plan was for some training on the turbo, but legs were just a bit too stiff this morning when I got up.

Went to work, took the easy option of a pub lunch so had to get out and do something tonight. On the way back from work was absolutely starving, so had to decide what to get that wouldn't cause the same problems as the ice-cream mars last week (I'm still surprised they caused as much trouble as they did). Settled on a banana and two muffins...in fairness the second muffin was a big risk, but couldn't just leave it...you know what I mean :)

Anyways, an hour later I was out on the road with the intention of doing 5km non-stop. Biggest obstacle was going to be the second "hill" on the route, but when I made it up that I let the pace pick up a little. Overall average pace was 6.37 min/km, which isn't bad considering I was just planning a 7.04 min/km average. The 5km took 33.25 in total, not my fastest but at least it was non-stop.

Done a set of 6 strides after that and went into the gym for a circuits training with the GAA lads. Circuits seemed to be a bit easier this week than last week, but to be fair, I was still absolutely wrecked at the end of it.

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