Sunday, 20 January 2008

Swimming progress

I think I posted before about taking a more disciplined approach to my swimming drills. I've started to do sets of drills, focusing on one thing at a time on each length (breathing, kicking, stroke, etc). Seems to be going well so far, after 2-3 sessions. Got the furthest ever tonight in the pool, not quite completing a full length, but stopping about 2m short. That was while doing 2s/1b (2 strokes per 1 breath) where I was really focusing on light kicking just to keep my balance (I'd be almost not kicking during the stroke).

So, tonights routine as an example of what I mean was:
  • 100m of 1s/2b
  • 100m of 2s/2b
  • 100m of 3s/2b
  • 50m of 1s/1b
  • 50m of 2s/1b
  • 50m of 3s/1b
Now, I'm not saying I completed them all as described above, but I did try where possible to complete the length, even if it meant having to take an extra breath or two. Still, 450m isn't too bad going for me (possibly the furthest I've ever done in one session). However, at 45 mins, its still got a long way to go.

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