Sunday, 29 May 2011

Goal for June

Ok, so we're almost in June - how time flies. Just been looking at some bike events and I was thinking I should set myself a goal or two for the month. So I've been thinking:
  • Cycle 1000km or more in June
  • Enter one 10km and one 5km run
For the first goal, I'm hoping to get some longer cycles in and not just my usual cycle to work routine (18km) - I essentially need to double the daily distance, but I'm hoping some longer rides at the weekends will also help clock up the miles.

For the second, it's just an attempt to get back into running - don't care if I end up walking most of the runs, but I'd like to set a time and beat it next month.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bad day...

Enough said!

So I do have some willpower...

For the second day running, I've had no chocolate at work - I seemed to average at least two bars per day in recent times, so that's a massive improvement. That's not to say the rest of the day was perfect - had an icecream (feast - yummee) at lunch and a fish and chip dinner. But I figure, the 900+ cal's saved on chocolate is probably a message to take from this post :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Deja vú: No news is bad news...

I'm sure the last few updates have been pretty similar reading but may as well give a quick honesty update. The only exercise I've been getting recently has been cycling to and from work most days (every day this last week), which is about a 10km \ (20-23 minute) cycle.

I keep meaning to get out at lunch or do a long cycle too or from work, but truth be told, I'm just far too busy at work to do it. I really need to make time for this though, as my weight is actually off the scales (i.e. > 125kg) so it's really a case of being back to a place I never wanted to be again.

The busyness at work also means that my diet is woeful for the most part, really falling back into old habits of hitting the vending machine when "hungry".

So that's the reality check - now to address it...