Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Training update

Tonight's been the first night I've broken a sweat in almost a week (since last Thursday). Its basically been down to a combination of being mad busy at work and being away for the weekend.

I had planned on getting down to the gym last night but just ended up going to bed really early instead. Was determined to get down there tonight, especially as I got home too late to go to the Turbo session with the local tri club. Plan was to do 40 mins of easy running on the treadmill, followed by a dip in the pool.

Running went fine, at 8.6kmph (1% incline) so as I was coming upto the 40 min mark I decided to go for 50 mins. Got towards that without too much struggle, so aimed again for 55 mins, with the intention of going for the hour. Got to 55 mins, but was struggling a little, but after my previous effort of getting this far and not making the hour, decided to dig deep and hung in for the hour. Very happy with the performance, so think that its probably time to increase the pace a bit.

Got down to the pool afterwards for a while. Was very quiet, so got in. Done a half a length of a drill to warmup. Then tried 2s/1b with a new breathing technique that I'd read about called "breathe, bubble, bubble, breathe" and to my suprise made it about 20m (normally just make it 15m) where I'd ventured off course and was getting into someones path.

Gave it another go on the following length and made it 23m, not quite the full length, but close enough that I'm chuffed. Just got out after that as I was pretty tired following the run, but hopefully I'll get a chance to have a proper session tomorrow.

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