Monday, 6 May 2013

Quiet recently - got out for a bike ride yesterday

Been quiet here recently, which is generally a bad sign. Been meaning to get out on the bike a bit but put it off for one reason or another. It's a bank holiday weekend in the UK this weekend and my initial thoughts were to do 100k over the weekend. Not getting out on Saturday put that at jeopardy immediately, but I did get out yesterday. I decided to extend my short 10 mile route a bit and see how I got on. First thing to say about 'new' route is that it's bloody hilly, at least by Cambridgeshire standards. I'd to tackle most of the hills in stages, with my head hanging over the handlebars sucking in air during the rests. I'm also trying a new tactic with hills whereby I essentially forget about gears and use the lowest one available - I spin that out until legs start to build up with lactic, then I try and push for another 25 or so (half?)revolutions before stopping. I can't find the dongle right now to upload the route, but according to the Garmin the ride was 29.34km in 1hr 45m 54s (16.6 kmph). Disappointing on the average speed, but given the hills, I'm not surprised. I'm planning on getting out later today for a flatter 30km ride - be interesting to see how that compares.