Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Back doing a little bit of running

Been doing a little running over the last few weeks - nothing major and it's a struggle, but it's a start. While I still have some residual fitness (i.e. I'm not at the point where I need to restart the C25K), some of my efforts have been pathetic in comparison to what I was doing 6mths ago!

Had a 40 min run last night with Idoia at a very good pace (6m 24s per km) for us - our runs together are normally over the 7m per km mark. We'd another run at the weekend, which was a disaster from my point of view, where I had to stop around 20 mins in - she carried on, I struggled for about 10 mins and thankfully she came back and I got a second wind and ran around 30 mins home.

I'm going to start logging my weight daily again - notice all the red on the graphs! What a disaster.