Monday, 7 January 2008

Training update

As I've mentioned before, didn't really get up to much training wise while I was at home. So started back on 2nd Jan with a walk to work in the morning, followed by a jog to the gym that evening for a quick visit. The place was absolutely jammers with new recruits, it'll be interesting to see how long that keeps up.

Thursday then involved another gym session, doing W1D3 of the JD red plan followed by a pretty tough weights session. Pool was very busy again, so when my lane got up to seven people after I'd just done 3 lengths, I gave up and went home.

Friday was similar again, where I attempted W1D5 of the JD red plan. The plan actually calls for a rest day (or an easy day) the previous day, but I wanted to try it as I knew I would struggle to get something in on Saturday. I failed miserably, but with four weeks to master the plan, hopefully next week will be better.

Then tonight, Sunday, I tried W1D7 of the JD red plan. Again, didn't go too well and a planned 40m easy run turned into a 22m easy run. Still, better than nothing. The positive thing about tonight was the swimming...I done about 225m - 250m in the pool, front crawl with a good rest between lengths. I'm still breathing at least twice on average, but hopefully I'll be able to get the distance up while working on that.

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