Thursday, 28 August 2008

HundredPushups: W3D1

Oh my about a step up. I done the max test earlier in the week, registering something like 33 pushups, which put me in the third tier again on Week 3 of the program. Not exactly sure that this was a good thing.

The first day calls for 25/17/17/15/(max (at least 25)) with 60s recovery and I was dying after the second set. I managed to get through the first four sets, but could only register 16 on the last set, obviously falling way short of the required number. I've got a feeling that I may be repeating this week, but we'll see how the progress is over the next two sessions.

Another kilo down

Passed the 104kg mark today. After the bumper results of last month, its all slowed down so far this month, but the weight is still coming off (thankfully). My eating over the last week has been absolutely atrocious, mainly due to being back in Ireland. Still, after Gael Force, I think a little indulgence isn't a bad thing...just need to make sure it doesn't carry on for a month after the event.

Speed Training

After getting over Gael Force at the weekend, I've decided to focus on some speed work over the next few weeks. This is main as we're coming to the business end of the GAA season and a bit of pace probably wouldn't go astray.

To that end, I'm planning on doing two speed sessions a week, one over shorter distances (say 10-20s all out with 1m recovery) to replicate football type sprints and one longer session (also called Tempo sessions) to get the legs used to going at a faster pace.

I'll be ignoring the HR during these sessions, so that'll be interesting. I also hope to get one "long" run in per week as well, but that'll depend on other things.

Done the first "short" session last night, a 2km warmup followed by 10 sets of (10s sprint + 1m recovery (30s walking + 30s jog)). It was a tough enough session and was glad to get it over with. Warmdown was the 2km run back, which I treated as a tempo \ fartlek run.

Quick update

Figure I may as well write a quick update for anyone thats interested in how Gael Force went. I'll hopefully get around to writing a proper report in the next few days.

I really enjoyed the race, even while suffering on Croagh Patrick. Overall, I took 6hrs 15mins which was more or less the figure I predicted (of 6hrs 1min). A couple of things would have made me get closer to that goal, but I'll leave that for the bigger report. Suffice to say, I'm really happy with the time and will more than likely be back next year to better it.

As for how I felt afterwards, surprisingly good. I felt fine the next day, around the same as I'd normally feel after a GAA game.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

HundredPushups: W2D2

Done the required 16/13/11/11 and finished off with 22 (at least 15 required). Was sweating at the end though...I really need to harden up :)

3 days to go...

This will probably be my last post until after the event (its not a race, at least as far as I'm concerned). I'm all packed up now, ready for the flight in the morning. Pretty sure that I've got everything, but I bet I've forgot something (hopefully minor).

Got some more info on the start times for the event, I'm in the first wave, in the bus leaving at 6am. Early start, but guess the earlier I start, the earlier I get home. The tension is building up a bit now, it really seems to be hitting home.

Oh well, guess this is it...see you all on the other side. Next update will probably be on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

4 days to go

Well, we're well and truly on the final stretch to Gael Force. I'm going to be off-line from Thursday, so figure I may as well put down some predictions of how I see it playing out. This is all guess work and a lot will depend on the terrain, but hopefully I haven't under-estimated the event.

Stage 1: 12km beach\road\trail run
This is the part I'm looking forward to the least. Some of this could be off-road and some of it is definitely on sand, so it'll probably be very energy sapping. I'm happy enough that this is the first part though, as it'll be my toughest discipline. My aim is to take this really easy (even to the point where I'm debating walking the distance), will probably walk up any medium or larger inclines, with a suggested pace of around 7 mins per km.
Estimated time: 1hr 24mins

Transition 1: Run -> Kayak
Thankfully, we time out at this transition, so its essentially free. Main aim here will be to get some fluid on board and also get some calories in. Not too much, but enough to tick over for later.

Stage 2: 2km kayak
Reports suggest this will take 10-15 mins, so I'm going to factor in 25 mins for this in total. Hopefully I won't be too stiff after waiting for a kayak.
Estimate time: 25mins

Transition 2: Kayak -> Run
Essentially another free transition. Plan is to get straight into the next run.

Stage 3: 3km road run
A short and hopefully relatively straight forward run to the bikes. Will probably adopt a similar approach to stage 1. Going to allow myself some extra time here, in case fatigue is setting in (hope it isn't...long way to go yet!)
Estimated time: 24 mins

Transition 3: Run -> Bike
Probably the key transition I think. I should hopefully have the bike pre-loaded with all the necessary gear (energy drink, water, food, pump, etc) and will probably take a bit of time to change into some dry(er) clothes.
Estimated time: 5 mins

Stage 4: 35km road cycle
This should be my strongest discipline. However, I could really be struggling at this point, but hopefully I'll be ok. Cycle itself should be undulating for the most part, with the wind being the problem from reports that I've read. Last few km is uphill, with will bring us to the next section, the ascent of Croagh Patrick.
Main aim on the bike is to make steady progress, but not to push myself too hard...there's still a fair bit to go after this, so will aim to keep the fluid intake up while also getting some calories on board.
Depending on the headwind, would hope to average at least 22kmph, based on my training rides after runs.
Estimated time: 1hr 36mins

Transition 4: Bike -> Hike
On the homeward stretch massive obstacle in the way though, the iconic Croagh Patrick. Transition here shouldn't take too long, besides racking the bike and probably stopping for a quick breather.
Estimated time: 5 mins

Stage 5: 5km mountainous hike
Well, its a mountain by Irish standards. First section of this is boggy, so this is a worry. The actual mountain itself is pretty steep and the footing is very rocky \ shale. This will be a slow steady plod, that's for sure. The decent will also be slow and steady, as given the expected fatigue at that point, it'll more than likely be worse than the ascent.
Estimated time: 1hr 30m

Transition 5: Hike -> Bike
Last transition...this will hopefully involve hopping straight on the bike and going.
Estimate time: 2mins

Stage 6: 12km cycle on and off road
Not long to go now. Will just be a case of getting it done. Hopefully mainly downhill (certainly the first section is).
Estimated time: 30 mins

Total (estimated time): 84 + 25 + 24 + 5 + 96 + 5 + 90 + 2 + 30 = 361 mins = 6hrs 1min

Hopefully, I can knock one minute of those times somewhere!

Monday, 18 August 2008

HundredPushups: W2D1

Session called for 12/12/9/7/Max (at least 10)

Done 12/12/9/7/16, which I'm happy enough with. Hopefully will keep up the challenge this week.

Long time no post...

Haven't updated the blog in about a week, mainly because I've been pretty busy doing nothing. Had some visitors last week which distracted me from training for a few days.

The sum total of my training since my last post was one GAA training session and a 10km training run on Friday evening. Had planned on going for a cycle on Saturday, but laziness got the better of me (and eating at the wrong times if I'm totally honest).

Another thing to fall by the wayside was the HundredPushups challenge. Will get back onto this tonight, with Week 2 Day 1.

Had a game on Sunday which was tough enough, but overall, a pretty easy week. We're into the last week before Gael Force (on this Saturday), so just tapering down at the moment. Went for a 10km walk this evening to loosen the legs and can't imagine the rest of the week getting much more strenuous.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Training update

Dragged myself out for a run tonight around the block, which was good, as it was definitely one of those times where I was talking myself out of doing it. Still, I knew that I wouldn't be doing anything tomorrow and with a game on Sunday it was a prime chance to get a run in. The fact that GF is only around the corner (15 days) was also another thing playing on my mind.

Done a low HR session, doing the larger of my normal laps around the block (6.86km). Limited the HR to 160bpm and actually stuck to it tonight, which I hadn't really been doing the last few runs. Felt good throughout, doing the distance in 45m 43s, which is 6m 40s \ km pace.

Looking back over my training log, this is actually the first time I've done this route non-stop, so technically its a PB. That said, I have done it faster using a run\walk strategy, but I guess given the aim of this session was endurance, I can't complain too much.

Weight Milestone: 105kg

Crossed the 105kg barrier today, with my average weight coming in at 104.99kg. My actual weigh-in was 103.9kg.

Very happy with this, but will focus on 104kg instead of the "massive" 100kg goal, which still seems unachievable, despite my weight-loss to this point. One day (or kg) at a time though.

HundredPushups: W1D3

This session called for 15/13/10/10/max (15) with 120s rest between sets.

Done 15/13/10/10/21. The extra rest made it so much easier. Should be interesting with the first session next week when it gets knocked back to 60s rest.

Matt: 15/13/10/10/15
Dan: 15/13/10/10/13
Anyone else?

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Another mammoth session

As Wednesday is my traditional Gael Force specific training day (football seems to get in the way every other day) and there are only three Wednesdays left before Gael Force, it was back into action after a week off for another mammoth GF training session.

I hadn't done anything in a week, due to a GAA club fundraiser last Wednesday and coming down with a bout of the cold Thursday to Monday. Then, I'd no football boots to go training last night and got drenched when I went down to give a hand out.

Also, its probably worth a quick reminder of my last mammoth session while we're here (just to gloat a bit)...14km run followed by a 40km cycle - total time 3hrs 20m. Tonight I planned a more modest 5km run + 20km cycle + 5km run, the first run bike to replicate the GF a bit (I knew I'd struggle with daylight on the cycle so had to cut these down a bit) and the last run just to push the endurance side of things.

In the end, for the 5km runs I done my small lap around the block, which is a regular training route for me. Its actually something like 5.8km or so, which is good that its long rather than short (no short-cuts in GF). I'm happy enough with the paces as well, which were 6.39min/km and 6.57 min/km respectively.

As for the cycle, done 27.6km in 1h 8m (avg 24.3kmph) with an average cadence of 86.5rpm. Not the fastest I've ever done, but this session wasn't really about speed. Cadence was a bit on the low side as well, will try to work on that in the next week or two.

Only one more big session left before GF (will be resting on the last Wednesday), who knows what I'll do.

HundredPushups: W1D2

Plan was for 12/12/10/10/max (at least 10) with 90s rest between sets. Done the required and finished off with 13 for the max attempt.

Can't get over how tough this is, as I was considering skipping a week or two initially. Think I need to harden up a bit.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

HundredPushups: W1D1

Plan was to do: 10/10/8/6/max, with 60s between sets.

Of course, felt that'd be too easy, so did 10/10/10/10/12, which is a bit disappointing, as I should defo be able to do more than 12 :)

Monday, 4 August 2008

Ausut 1st Weigh-in

Bumper month, losing over 3kg. Delighted :)

02/01: 115.64kg
01/02: 113.79kg
03/03: 114.04kg
01/04: 114.39kg
01/05: 112.37kg
03/06: 110.13kg
01/07: 108.34kg
01/08: 105.02kg