Monday, 7 January 2008


Went in this evening to the gym for a body stat update. Didn't realise that it'd been so long since my last one, which was back in September. Generally, everything is going in the right direction, perhaps a bit slower than I'd have hoped, but still. Here are a few notes:

  • My weigh-in tonight was 119.2kg. This is a full 4kg heavier than my moving average weight that you'll see in the weight charts opposite. I can only put this down to the different weighing scales and the time of day. I take my daily measurements first thing in the morning when I get up.
  • My body fat percentage is going down (which is good), which means that my lean mass percentage is going up. The interesting thing though is the sum of the two in actual terms. For every unit of body fat I lose, I gain a half unit of lean mass. This isn't exactly what I'm trying to do, but its better than actually losing lean mass. For example, in the last period I lost 2.7kg of body fat and gained 1.5kg of lean mass, resulting in a net loss of 1.2kg.

Acceptable Range07/01/0813/09/0720/07/0712/06/07
Body Fat (%)12 - 1825.227.226.529.9
Body Fat (kg)13 - 1930.032.732.036.4
Lean Mass (%)82 - 8874.872.873.570.1
Lean Mass (kg)86 - 9289.287.788.885.3
Total Body Mass (kg)101 - 109119.2120.4120.8121.7
Water (%)55-6553.452.152.548.9
Water (ltrs)66 - 7763.762.763.459.5

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