Monday, 16 August 2010

Long time, no see

Howdi folks - been a while. It's certainly not been a case of "no news is good news". As you can see from the graphs on the right, I've put on a serious amount of weight over the last few months. I'm not going to get into the excuses, but I'm happy to report that I went on my first run yesterday since March (and probably my fifth since the NYC marathon).

I've been wanting to get out for a run for a while, but it's been manic at work. That and I've actually been afraid of how bad it'd be - honestly. I was afraid of being unable to even do a minute! My fiancée had given up asking me to go out for runs with her months ago (she kept it up, going out on her own). So yesterday I asked her to go out with me for a 10 x (3 min + 1 min) session, which thankfully she was glad to do.

We started out well and I actually went for six minutes non-stop - I was going to go further but forgot to inform Idoia of this and she'd six minutes in her mind, which is fair enough. The rest of the run was pretty tough, especially towards the end where I really struggled. Still, we got through it and hopefully starting back on the road to where I was this time last year (about 12kg lighter!).

Any encouragement is appreciated.