Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

First off, happy new year to everyone. I'm back again after the Christmas break, where I more or less done absolutely nothing, despite my best intentions. Did make it out for a walk around the block one of the nights, which was about as good as it got.

Like I said, back in Cambridge again after the break. Went out for my first run of the new year tonight...went well enough, but set off a bit too fast I think and struggled later on. Still, felt good doing the first 5km about 50s faster than just before Christmas. Finished off the run with 6 sets of 20s of strides, which were bloody tough going.

Should be interesting to see the weighing scales in the morning...when I jumped on quickly on Saturday they were showing 117.5kg, but I've been a lot more disciplined over the last two days so hopefully it should be a more favorable reading tomorrow.

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