Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Can't you see I'm running...

Why do people insist on stopping me while I'm running to ask for directions. Maybe its because I'm the only one out on the road at 11pm but still! After some more reading about the Maffetone method and deciding to put it on hold for a while (I know I keep changing my mind), I decided to go for a run tonight after a turbo session.

Started off slow enough, setting myself an upper HR limit of 162bpm which I adhered close enough for the first two kilometers. Trouble is, thats when two of the three hills on my route kick in.

Due to the easy pace I'd been keeping up to that point, I was happy enough to let my HR climb while sticking to a nice easy pace. Made it to the top of the second hill, almost three km into the run with no problems, so I started thinking of doing a non-stop 5km or 6km run.

I kept the same HR going for the next km (average increased by 2bpm over the distance) doing that km six seconds faster. With the end in sight, I seem to have subconsciously picked up the pace a bit in the 5th km, with my split time dropping to 6m 30s and my average HR increasing 5bpm to 175bpm...this may be a little on the low side as I said, someone stopped my about 4.8km into the run to ask for directions.

All in all, a good run. Bit of a milestone as its the first time that I recall doing a non-stop 5km this year. Overall pace was dead on 7m/km, which considering I was taking it easy to start off, ain't bad.

Here's a pretty good screenshot from Sports Tracks showing loads of relevant info. The actual run data can be found

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