Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Monthly Report: August 2007

I've decided to stop doing the weekly reports and just to focus on doing monthly ones instead. I'll aim to keep them pretty simple, just collating a few reports from the various websites I use to keep stats.

I suppose, I'll start off with my weight situation. I started the month weight approx 118.75kg and ended the month weighing approx 117.69kg, just over 1kg weight loss. Not exactly great, but progress all the same. Looking at the graph, that corresponds to a best-fit calorie deficit of almost 300kcal per day.

I had to get rid of all my data for the first two weeks of the month because of problems with my weighing scales. Towards the end of the month, the graph started going up again, mainly due to being away at celebrations (christening and wedding) for the last two weekends of the month. I stayed off chocolate for the first half of the month, but the sugar cravings got to me and ended up with one or two days of serious chocolate feasts.

Exercise wise, not a bad month overall (see below). Some points worth noting:
  • I failed to knock any time (well actually I knocked 20s) of my 10k time
  • Started going out on the bike again
  • Started swimming lessons at Swimshack
  • 16 exercises logged, but that does not include GAA training, gym classes or weight sessions
Running Summary
Avg. MHR:178.2
Avg. AHR:163.3
Avg. Time:00:37:41
Total Time:07:32:20
Avg. Speed:9.0 KMPH
Avg. KM Pace:6:41
Avg. Dist.:5.6 KM
Total Dist.:67.6 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned:724.2
Total Cal. Burned:8691
Walking Summary
Avg. MHR:137.0
Avg. AHR:127.0
Avg. Time:00:54:00
Total Time:00:54:00
Avg. Speed:6.2 KMPH
Avg. KM Pace:9:41
Avg. Dist.:5.6 KM
Total Dist.:5.6 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned:718.0
Total Cal. Burned:718
Biking Summary
Avg. MHR:172.0
Avg. AHR:160.0
Avg. Time:00:25:39
Total Time:01:16:58
Avg. Speed:25.8 KMPH
Avg. Mi Pace:2:19
Avg. Dist.:11.0 KM
Total Dist.:33.0 KM
Avg. Cal. Burned:503.0
Total Cal. Burned:1509
Swimming Summary
Total Summary
Total Time:09:43:19
Total Dist.:106.2 KM
Cal. Burned:10918

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