Thursday, 13 September 2007

Latest Body Stat Report

Done another BodyStat report today. Results are below, with previous results on 20/07/07 in brackets for comparison.

Body Fat %: 27.2% (26.5%)
Body Fat kg: 32.7kg (32.0kg)
Lean Mass %: 72.8% (73.5%)
Lean Mass kg: 87.7kg (88.8kg)
Total Body Weight: 120.4kg (120.8kg)
Water %: 52.1% (52.5%)
Water ltrs: 62.7l (63.4l)

  • As I mention in my previous post, I bonked today, resulting in me eating a lot of crap over the course of the day to get my blood sugar back to normal. Now, I realise that wasn't necessary, but I'm using it as an excuse for some poor results.
  • My total body weight above is for a FULLY clothed weighing (without shoes). Previous two times I was in shorts and t-shirt, not trousers and shirt.
  • Bit of a disappointing report overall though. Pretty sure my weight is at least 3kg lighter, at least according to my own weighings.Still, at least its less than the previous figure.


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