Thursday, 13 September 2007

I think I bonked today...

Went for a cycle today at lunch, despite have eaten relatively little beforehand. Breakfast consisted of a banana and a few grapes. Started off on the ride, which I was planning to last around 22km. It was all going well until I got around 10km in, when I just had to stop all of a sudden. I felt dizzy, had zero energy, I was just dead on my feet.

Now, when this happened, I was in one of the four villages I was planning on going through, but as I didn't foresee any trouble, I didn't bring any money\mobile\etc. Bloody disaster. Nothing for it but to start riding back. Luckily, I was able to take a more direct route back to work than I'd planned, which was 5km.

These will probably be the toughest 5km I'll have to do for a long time. At one stage, I was thinking how nice it'd be to go for a sleep in the ditch. About half way back I'd to stop again and just rest for a few minutes. Eventually made it back to the car, grabbed some money and went to the shop for some food (inc. a load of chocolate). Started to feel better about an hour later.

So what happened? Well, I reckon I bonked, which basically means I ran out of blood sugar.
I'm pretty sure something similar happened me a year or two a go after a game. Not the nicest of feelings and definitely something I should learn from.

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Paula said...

do you take any iso-drinks? Make a ton of difference for me.