Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rowing update

I'm going to enter the rowers revenge event on the 7th of October, so I've been trying to get a bit of rowing practice in beforehand. Up to now, I was struggling to do 1500m, which was a long way off the required 4000m. For the 1500m, I was keeping a pace of about 2.00m to 2.05m per 500metres.

I asked for some technique advice from one of the lads that I'm friendly with in the gym (he's an indoor rower, currently training for the British indoor championships in November and has previously represented GB in the European Champs). After a few pointers, I set off determined to complete the 4000m, no matter how long it took.

So, to cut a long, tough story short, I completed my first 4000m in 16m 24.6s, which is an average split of 2.03m. I'm absolutely chuffed with this, as I was hoping for a 2.10 avg split at best (i.e. first 1500\2000m in about 2.05m and the rest considerably slower).

Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot of time until the event to improve the time, but hopefully should be able to get it closer to the 16m mark. I wasn't entirely shattered afterwards either, but the thought of hopping on a bike wasn't really an option either :)

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