Sunday, 16 September 2007

C25K: Week 5 Run 3

Gave this a go tonight. Plan called for a quick five minute brisk warmup, followed by twenty minutes of non-stop running. So, done the warmup and started off. Was going well, cleared the first hill without any problems. Make it about three quarters of the way up the next hill (about 12 mins into the run) and had to stop for a minute. Carried on for another 7.5 minutes after that, but couldn't make the full twenty minutes.

Recovered again for another 5 minutes and jogged for another five or so minutes. Total lap time was 38m 34s, just under three minutes slower than my PB.

My ankle is pretty sore after this run though, but hoping this will be ok tomorrow. I'll probably move onto week 6 next week and see how that goes, despite not completing the run properly today.

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