Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Started cycling to work

Up at the crack of dawn this morning (well before 7am to be precise). Decided to cycle in, so after some faffing around, eventually left the house just before 8am. Made it up to work (8.5km) in just over 21 mins, with plenty of traffic light stops en-route.

Trip home in the evening was probably more downhill, but didn't bother to put the HRM on or to time it. Aim is to try to cycle in most mornings, especially before the London duathlon. Might even try to do a few bike\run sessions (bricks).


Matthew James said...
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Matthew James said...

Keep at it, Chris. I reckon you are hitting the hardest part now, where progress is slow and the effort involved seems more than it is worth. This is the time when you really have to redouble your determination.
I have just restarted this last couple of weeks after a month of doing practically no excercise, which I regret.