Thursday, 19 July 2007


Had to abort a run on the treadmill after 15 mins last night due to chaffing caused by the shorts I was wearing. I've had this problem before, and the best way to get around it is to wear a pair of bicycle shorts, but unfortunately I didn't have any clean ones last night and decided to risk it. Disaster.

Anyhow, made up for it tonight (made sure I done some washing when I went home last night). Done 45mins at 10kmph\5.5kmph pace. My HR was shooting up today for some reason (probably the lack of running over the last week or two), and I was stopping on 166bpm dead, so only went 5.96km which is a bit disappointing given previous runs. Oh well, can only get better I suppose. I'd like to break the 7km barrier in 45mins before the end of the month is out...will need to do more training as its looking a good bit off at the moment.

Besides that, done a full length in the pool today of "almost" proper swimming...3 strokes\alternating sides breathing. Only cheat was that I would have stayed on the sweet spot for a couple of extra breathes towards the end of the length. Up to that, I was only able to go from the deep end to where it starts to get shallow before giving up...I've got some sort of mental barrier at that point. The lengtht I done was going in the opposite direction, so perhaps thats the key to future training!

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