Tuesday, 10 July 2007

lack of progress noted

On my last few weigh-ins, I've actually been registering weights above my trend line (the solid\non-straight line in the graph), which is a very bad trend. I'm going to have to rectify this soon. The reason for this lapse has been that stag in Warsaw that I mentioned in the last post and my subsequent recovery requiring copious amounts of sugar!

The good news is that I got down to the gym tonight for a run and a swim, so hopefully the recovery process is complete. I've also started to keep track of what I'm eating again, which I'd been doing a few weeks back, but stopped doing lately. If I'm to hit my goal of getting down to 115kg by the end of the month, I'll need to really start taking things seriously.

Unfortunately, I've got another wedding (back in Ireland) this weekend, which hopefully won't put too much of a dampener on things. I'll be back anyways for a game on Sunday (with probably minimal sleep), so at least I'll be doing at least one active thing over the weekend.

The following weekend, I've got that 50k cycle from London (Watford) to Cambridge. Can't wait...ain't gone anywhere near that distance before, but hopefully should be able to do it in around 4 hours.

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