Thursday, 12 July 2007

Ankle Trouble

My ankle has been causing me a little bit of discomfort over the last few weeks. Nothing too much to worry about, as I've always had weak ankles since going over them playing astro-football a few years back. What was causing some worry though was when my ankle started to hurt while I was in the pool.

Anyways, been to the physio about it and there's definitely damage there. Basically it'll need strengthing, and he's given me a few exercises to do over the next few weeks. He also gave it a good massage, which hurt like hell when he was doing it, but felt great this morning.

Went to GAA training tonight, went well. Went to go for a half an hour jog afterwards in the gym, but ankle was killing me. Just hopped in the pool instead for the half hour.

Got another busy weekend ahead. Back in Ireland for a wedding on Saturday, up all Sat night for an eight thirty flight back and then got a game at two thirty in London. I'll probably be wrecked for the rest of the week.

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