Monday, 23 July 2007

London -> Cambridge Bike Ride Report

Unfortunately I had to retire from this event after completing 30 miles. I had started to notice my front wheel was wobbling quite a bit (thought I was imagining it at first) and when I stopped to look at it, I noticed that there were 2-3 spokes gone and the remainder were quite loose. I continued on to the next stop (fortunately it was only about 1 mile away), where the mechanic on-site advised ending the cycle there.

Apparently its quite rare for the front spokes to go, as the rear normally takes a lot more load (especially in my case). I hit a pot-hole pretty hard earlier in the race, so I reckon that may have done the damage.

Up to that point, I was going well. It was a hilly enough route, and the first few hills really took a lot out of me. I seemed to get used to them though, knowing what gear to attack the hills with, so I wasn't going too slow up them at any stage.

I met up with one of the Cambridge GAA lads early on and we more or less stayed together until my mechanical difficulties struck. No other difficulties besides, was a little stiff this morning, but had a great sleep last night. Had a bit of grundle chaffing, which is annoying, but didn't stop me going for a jog in the gym tonight.

Hope to head back and finish of those 20 miles sometime. Seemed like a nice enough ride in to Cambridge from there.

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