Sunday, 29 July 2007

Last few days + protein shakes

Was thinking tonight that I'd actually taken it handy enough over the last few days, but turns out that I was forgetting stuff. Done a weights session on Wednesday night, followed by a "BodyPump" class in the gym the following morning. Basically, its a weights class, with low-resistance but high intensity, which meant I was absolutely wrecked on Friday morning.

I took Friday off (mainly cause I could hardly walk), although I did do a bit in the pool going over some drills. Finished up with a run around the block tonight, at a relatively easy pace, finishing up 10secs slower than my PB for the route. Think I might do it again tomorrow and see what happens.

Diet\weight wise, its not been a great week. The first half of it went well, up to Wednesday. We'd a release party at work on Thursday, so been spending the last two days recovering from that. I still have to get the front wheel of the bike fixed, which I'll hopefully do tomorrow or early next week.

Had an email conversation with Scoob last week about protein shakes and stuff like that. I've been very skeptical about them, thinking that for the level of exercise that I'm doing, I can get enough protein from my diet. One or two good points later, and I'm now considering giving them a go for a while, mainly as a diet supplement. I'll do a bit more reading up first about it but I reckon its worth a shot.

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