Monday, 13 October 2008

Weekly Update: Over 40km running in a week!!

Tuesday: 13.54km (1hr 34m 12s)
Wednesday: 6.90km (40m 11s)
Thursday: 10.97km (1hr 14m 30s)
Sunday: 10.03km (1hr 9m)
Total: 41.44km (4hrs 33m 53s)

Average pace: 9.1kmph

Other thing to note from last week is that I spent 4/5 lunch times in the pool, doing 400m each time. Had a new PB (breaking this daily at the moment) on Friday, doing the 400m in 26m 40s (including around 1 min talking to a work colleague) . Hopefully will keep knocking some time of this in the next week or two.

Will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow. I'd a great week last week, until the weekend where I let loose. Today wasn't any better, but I guess tomorrow is another day. Suppose the hope is that the exercise from last week continued to burn some calories when I was lazying about the place, but we'll know more in the morning :)

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