Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Current Training plan

I seem to be settling into a weekly routine of (based on this being my second week doing it):
  • Tuesday: long run @ 160bpm - 1hr 30m + 10m every week
  • Wednesday: tempo run @ 170bpm - my usual "big" lap (approx 6.9km)
  • Thursday: long run @ 160bpm - undecided about this one...last week was 10km
  • Weekend: one interval run - again, undecided about this
So tonight, I done the tempo run over 80s faster than last week. It felt "easy" enough for the first 4km, but after that I found it tough going. I've actually noticed effect a bit with my runs over the last few weeks...seem to hit a bit of a "wall" after 4km. No idea what that is about, maybe its a remnant of my training earlier in the year where most of my runs were 5-7km.

I need to think about what to do tomorrow, but will probably do something similar to last week as I've had two tough nights in a row now.

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