Wednesday, 1 October 2008

1st Oct Weigh In

02/01: 115.64kg
01/02: 113.79kg
03/03: 114.04kg
01/04: 114.39kg
01/05: 112.37kg
03/06: 110.13kg
01/07: 108.34kg
01/08: 105.01kg
01/09: 104.17kg
01/10: 104.87kg

First month since April that I've actually put on weight :(

Can't say I'm surprised, my activity levels have dropped right down and I'm now using excuses like "its too cold" to avoid going out for a run. Fair enough, I've probably dropped some "insulation", but I still think its fair to say I've plenty left.

Oh well, October's another month and I've got two weeks hiking in Cuba at the end of it, so will definitely be guaranteed to up the activity levels. I'll also need to start training for the half marathon soon enough.

Also, should hear in the next few days if I got into the London marathon...fingers crossed!


Andrew is getting fit said...

One thing I found after losing a lot of weight is that I felt really cold in winter. The insulation effect is real!

Thomas said...

Harden the fuck up Chris.