Tuesday, 14 October 2008

100 minute run

After my 94 minute run last Tuesday, todays long run was to be 100 minutes at 160bpm. Set off at an easy pace which felt quite comfortable and slowly worked the HR up to 160bpm. Kept it more or less at that level for the first 6-7km and then seemed to settle at 161-162bpm for the rest of it.

Despite the long time to do, it didn't feel too bad at any stage. I kept breaking the time down into five minute chunks and knocking them off one by one. By the time I got to the 100 minute mark, I was still around 2km from home, which I wasn't overly happy about. Decided to stick with the plan and completed 16.6km in 1hr 52m 35s (avg HR: 161bpm). Should also mention that my average pace was 6m 47s per km, while it was 7m 10s on the run last Tuesday.

As I write this my upper arms are getting stiff for some reason, but I'm fine besides. Reckon I'll sleep well tonight.


Anonymous said...

f'in hell! i dont know how you run so much!

i really hate running. been swimming since i got over here as theres a pool beside me but i cant run more than a mile or two with out hating it

Anonymous said...

That was from Maurice