Thursday, 9 October 2008

10km run

After the quicker pace of yesterdays run, decided to drop the tempo again today and go for a nice easy run. Decided on another 160bpm run, initially thinking of just doing 5km or so, but it was going well so I doubled up for 10km in total.

Started off with my usual lap, but then took a detour when coming up to the 5km mark, just to run around a different bit of Cambridge. The paths were a bit dark and uneven in places, but overall, a very pleasant run. Weather was quiet mild, so I figure I should get these runs in while I can.

Last 3km of the run brought me through the city centre, which I always enjoy, especially now that the students are back. There always seems to be something happening, like the police giving out to three students (in makeup), where one of them was in a shopping trolley! Funny stuff.

One downside to running in Cambridge is that its extremely touristy and they generally tend to hog the footpaths. Pretty annoying, but I think I'm just complaining for no reason.

Done 10.97km in 1hr 14m 30s, with an average HR of 163bpm. First 4km my HR was under control, but just couldn't seem to reign it in after that. Happy enough with the run though.

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