Thursday, 4 September 2008

Stop poking me with that needle...NOW

Now that was painful. As I mentioned before, I hurt my knee playing football a few weeks back. It hasn't really been causing me any trouble, but a few times now I've noticed it cramping up in the middle of the night! Like I say, nothing major and I am able to run on it no problem.

So I was at the doctors the last day and used the opportunity to get referred to see a physio (which is covered by work's health insurance). I went along today and after a quick investigation he said that I'd a "trigger point" in my popliteus muscle. His recommended course of action was needle therapy, something similar to acupuncture.

I figured I'd give it a go, as he'd previously sorted out my ankle problems. After some initial probing with the needle, he hit the jackpot (trigger point) causing the muscle to spasm uncontrollably. It was extremely painful, especially when he touched the needle. After 10-15 mins it was over and my knee felt quite stiff, just like after a cramp.

I've been hobbling around all day afterwards and expect it to be pretty stiff in the morning. Obviously, done no training today and probably won't get any done for the next few days. Next session is on Monday, so I'm hoping the reaction isn't as extreme next time.

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Matthew James Stanham said...

Freakin' ouch! Even sounds painful. I hope it sorts out your knee troubles, though!