Monday, 8 September 2008


Quiet few days, where I done pretty much absolutely nothing. Knee was a bit stiff on Friday and Saturday and was half considering a run last night but didn't bother in the end.

Had a physio session again today, a fair bit of massaging the muscle behind the knee and then some more needling, which didn't really hurt as much as last time. He finished off with some ultra-sound. Knee was a bit stiff this evening, but again, was debating on whether or not to go for a run. Once again, didn't bother :(

Other news is that I got my new wheels today and got the cassette (gears) fitted. Guy in the local bike shop didn't seem too impressed that I didn't buy it there, but have to say I didn't feel too guilty considering I've got him to replace the spokes a few times. He didn't charge either, so I'd be very inclined to go back.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Hopefully the knee is recovered soon.