Thursday, 18 September 2008

Good run or bad run??

Another early start this morning...hopefully can keep this ball rolling. Went to the pool again at lunch, done around the same number of lengths as yesterday (i.e. not that many). Spent a good while down at the deep end just playing around, trying to get comfortable out of my depth. I'm getting there, slowly, very slowly.

Got back home early enough, so decided to go out for a run. Figured I do the 10km loop, trying to keep HR down around 160bpm. For some reason (maybe it was the swimming earlier in the day), I couldn't seem to keep my HR at the level and on top of that, I'd been having an upset stomach all day. After about 3km, I had to stop for fear of not being able to control my bowels...not a pretty feeling, by any account. Up to this point, I'd been more or less spot on 6 mins per km.

After this, run turned into a bit of a disaster...frequent stops, a slightly nagging right ankle (don't know what thats about!). In any case, I soldiered on focusing on going faster in between stops. Strategy worked well but I decided to change tact after 8km. Up to this point I'd averaged 6m 14s per km, which wasn't bad considering (i.e. 8.14km in 50m 40s).

After this I focused on 1 min flat out, followed by 1 min walk recovery. I was still suffering a bit with stomach cramps, but the longer recovery seemed to help. In any case, I covered 2.02km in 13m 1s (average of 6m 26s per km).

I've just been looking at the output from the 305 and it turns out that I passed the 10km mark after 1hr 2m 40s, twenty seconds faster than my 10km PB. Considering the disaster of a run this was, I'm absolutely delighted at this! Makes you think!

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