Thursday, 18 September 2008

Not the report...update

Great day today, exercise wise. After signing up for the Reading Half marathon yesterday, I got out last night for a just under 7km run, capped my HR at 160bpm.

Then today, got into work for 7.30am, so went to the pool at lunch for a few lengths and some messing around in the water. Delighted to report that I haven't got any worse with the swimming, despite not being in water for a few months. Done around 5 proper lengths + a few poor attempts. Also done some skulling in the deep end, which is a novelty for me. Still pretty pooped after a length, find it hard to imagine going for another one straight afterwards.

In the evening, got home pretty early (5pm!), so got out on the bike for my first cycle since Gael Force. Hadn't really eaten since lunch, so was a bit tired, especially towards the end. I averaged a respectable (by my standards) 27kmph for the first hour. Was struggling a bit though, but made it back out to Barrington Hill, which was a real struggle! Made it back to Cambridge with bang on 40km done (in 1hr 32m 30s) and just coasted the last 5km or so home. Absolutely shattered afterwards and had a fair bit to eat...mainly junk.

Went to the cinema then to see Tropic Thunder...absolute waste of time!

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