Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Time to get serious

I've been slacking the last few weeks, there's no denying it. Been talking with one of the lads about doing the Reading Half marathon and \ or the Wokingham Half in Feb \ Mar respectively. The main goal for this (for both of us) is to break the 2hr mark.

I've done Reading twice, in 2004 \ 2005 I think. I done zero training for both...most I think was 3 runs around the block...not non-stop and can't have been any more than 5km! Nowhere near enough training as I found to my detriment.

The first year I done it in around 2hrs 30m or so (I think). Then, after putting on 20kg, the second year was closer to three hours (a lot closer)! Hopefully, I can make the goal, but considering my 10km pb is still over the hour (due to not doing any 10km events), it will be tough.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Definitely doable. You just need to run more!