Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Bloody scales

Had a health check with work yesterday...basically a nurse does a few basic checks such as height, weight, bmi, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Nurse gave advise on the results. Nothing too surprising there, apart from the weight I registered on her scales...18st. Now, I normally work in metric, but even still, was thinking that was a bit on the high side!

Back at the desk and got the calculator out...18st works out around 114.5kg! Thats a full 10kg heavier than my current weighted-average weight of 104.5kg! While her scales seemed about as shonky as mine, its still a bit worrying. I've had a suspicion about my scales for sometime, but wasn't expecting a 10kg difference.

When I was a member of the local gym, I used to use a scales there to also track the progress...normally about 2-3 kg heavier. I guess its not the end of the world, its probably safe to assume that the margin of error on my scales has remained consistant, and since I've been using it since the beginning, its still reflects progress in relative terms.

I've also got other measures...a good few people have mentioned it to me that I've lost weight, my clothes are definitely looser (really noticed the difference two weeks ago when wearing my suit). I guess the main thing is that I feel better.

Not too sure what to do about the scales though...

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