Monday, 7 July 2008

Week off

After more or less killing myself with too much effort last week, I decided on Thursday to take a few days off to recover. We'd a big game on Sunday in the football, so it was probably a sensible idea I figured. So cue three days of basically eating anything and everything I wanted. Happy days.

Done absolutely nothing besides some walking around London on Saturday. So on Sunday, thought I was fresh for the game. Conditions were a bit wet to start off with, but then absolutely poured in the second half. I figure I'd done alright in the first half, but really struggled in the second half conditions. Anyways, despite being nine points down early in the second half, we pulled back to win by a point in the end.

Got back home last night and went to the cinema. Knee really seized up during the film and it was a bit of a struggle on the walk home (only about 250m). Had a very patchy nights sleep and dropped into the Sports Injury Clinic in the hospital this morning. Turned out its more than likely a lower hamstring problem, as opposed to a knee problem, thankfully. Its a lot better this evening, so will wait a few days before doing anything on it.

Got to stop eating though...

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