Thursday, 3 July 2008

Tough day

Pretty wrecked right now after a tough day. Was meant to play football with a few lads at work at lunchtime, but only three turned up. Its been the same way for a few weeks and to be honest, unless there's at least eight people there, I struggle. I'd much rather go for a run instead, believe it or not...I certainly get more out of it.

So instead of playing football, done a few laps of the park with the other two lads that turned up. Didn't bother putting the Garmin on, but it seemed like the pace was faster than what I was normally used to. That said, having someone there to run with made a massive difference.

After work, met up with the lads for the weekly GF training. Had a hill session planned for the bike tonight, basically six reps of the biggest hill we know of near Cambridge. Only managed five, probably the main reason being that one of the lads pedals fell off, but I guess I was also looking for an excuse to stop. Very tough going and was definitely glad to see the end of it. No doubt will do it again a few times before GF.

Probably the main reason I was suffering so much on the cycle was that I had zero energy. After the exertions at lunch, I just had a bowl of soup and some rolls. For breakfast, I'd a (biggish) bowl of muesli. Probably not enough in hindsight.

Left the car at work, so going to cycle in tomorrow morning, probably taking the long route. Hopefully, will clock up 40km or so, which isn't a bad start to the day.

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