Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Busy enough few days, training wise. Had a blitz tournament on Saturday, which more or less took up the whole day for about an hours worth of a game. All the waiting around between games meant I was pretty stiff on the Sunday.

Reffed a game on the Sunday, which loosened me out a bit. Got a serious amount of abuse, but that seems to the be norm, rather than the exception. Then last night, done some some sprints with one of the lads and tonight had GAA training.

Weight seems to be on the way down again, which is good. Had an upward bit there last week where I wasn't really doing much after hurting my knee\hamstring, but seems to be on the way down again. Knee still isn't right, especially when turning, but its not really causing too much problems besides.

Haven't been out on the bike in about two weeks, so might try and get a ride in over the next few days.

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