Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Another hour run

These are getting easy :)

Considering, I left work with the intention of doing a 10km run, followed by a cycle (probably around 40km), got home, fell asleep for 90 mins and felt like doing absolutely nothing when I woke up, I consider this run a great achievement.

So initially setting out for a 30min run, I felt I was going well enough to stick with the original distance (still had no intention of doing the cycle). Aim was to stick at (or below) 160bpm, but for some reason, I seem to settle around 162bpm. I'm not going to argue over the 2bpm.

As per usual, wasn't the fastest run, which is generally the case when I stick to a HR limit. Done the 10km in 1hr 8m 32s, five and a half minutes slower than my (race) PB. Still, it was a darn sight better than the last time I tried this route, which took me an extra ten minutes (didn't really seem up for a run that night).

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