Monday, 21 July 2008

Last few days

Main thing over the last few days fitness wise was the championship game on Sunday, which we won comfortably enough in the end. Made hard work of it at times, conceding goals at key moments, but we kept the heads down and pulled through. Played the full game at full forward and got three points for my troubles. Really should have got another 2-1, but the keeped made two good saves to deny me.

Then tonight, went out for a cycle with one of the lads. Another one was supposed to join us, but had mechanical difficulties. Idea initially was to do an easy cycle after the game yesterday, but that quickly developed into a hill session over the course of the day. The final draft had us going up and down the hill three times from each side, followed by a run over and back.

Thankfully, when the main instigator of the above plan dropped out, we decided on over and back four times. We'd an easy cycle to the hill to act as a warmup, and gave the hill part a good go. Found it tough, especially the last set but probably could have done another set (if pushed). Had a nice easy cycle back, mainly talking football the whole way.

Gael Force is just over a month away now though...can't wait.

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