Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New 5km Personal Best

As mentioned in a previous post, after football training tonight I went out for a quick run around the block. Didn't really fancy bothering with a HR limit (it was set to 160bpm, but wasn't paying attention to the beeping) and jogged according to how I felt.

While I won't say the run was easy (it wasn't), it certainly felt easier in some ways than the running I'd been doing previously, limited to HR. I felt strong most of the way around (though the last km was tough) and was doing a decent pace up hills. Around 3.5km in I was thinking of taking a rest (walk), so that I'd still come home in under 30mins, but pushed on through it.

Eventually made it around in 28m 20s (according to Sports Track), which is a personal best by around 3 mins (I think). Average HR was pretty high (by my normal runs) of 169bpm. I definitely think that the lower HR training has had a big influence on this, so will probably stick with the for the time being, mixing in one of these sort of runs per week.

Here's the overview of the run for anyone thats interested.

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Way to go on setting a personal best!