Monday, 4 June 2007

First 10k result in

Well, I've set a 10k benchmark. Probably should have researched the race a bit better before going along, but completed the Chiltern Chase in approx 1:11:11. Very happy with that overall, mainly because the course was mainly cross-country (multi-terrain), quite hilly (or undulating as they described it...especially compared to Cambridge) and the weather was roasting.

I'd say about 2k was on tar, which I'd never been so happy to see in my life! The rest of it was generally on rough paths, gravel roads, forest paths etc. No two steps the same which sapped a lot of extra energy.

I aimed to use the heart rate monitor through out, setting the limits to the slightly higher 150-175bpm. Needless to say it was nearer the top of the range most of the time, rather than the bottom of it. Any bit of a hill and I was easily topping the upper limit...just as well cause each hill nearly killed me, even walking up them.

Overall though, a very nice course. I'd definitely do it again next year, if only to compare the times.

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