Thursday, 14 June 2007


Well, seems like the exertion of yesterday took a serious toll on me. Basically, went GAA training, which consisted of a 8 v 8 full length game (slighly narrowed pitch) for an hour and went down to the gym for a 25 min run afterwards. Was pretty tired after it, but cycled home without any trouble.

I threw on my heart rate monitor before going to bed last night and it was registering just over 100bpm...that was a full 2.5 hours after I'd got home. Then again, when I got up this morning it was still around 85bpm...about 20bpm higher than normal. I'm putting it down to dehydration, so must look after that in future.

Anyways, went for a 45 min jog this evening on the treadmill @ 10km/5.5km pace where my training zone was 150-166bpm. Managed 5.85km, which averages out at a running percentage of 51%...not great compared to 3 weeks ago. I'm putting it down to yesterday's exertions.

So, whats the plan to get out of this doldrum? I reckon that I will start alternating jogs between 8.5kmph/5.5kmph and 10kmph/5.5kmph pace in the same training zone to see how that goes. The 8.5kmph is slightly faster than my 10k pace, so hopefully I'll be able to build up some stamina at that pace. The 10kmph runs will hopefully keep me up to speed on the start-stop way I normally seem to be running these days...hopefully I can get the running percentage up to what it was like 3 weeks ago.

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