Monday, 18 June 2007

A good run tonight

Done a very good run tonight, probably best so far. Basically done 45mins at 8.5kmph/5.5kmph pace, covering 5.92km, which approximates to running for about 79.8% of the percentage by about 14%. I started off with 16 mins straight of running, again a pb.

I'm a confused about the HR side of things at the moment. For the last few sessions, I've been sticking to a 150-166bpm interval, but I'd been finding that I haven't really been tired when I hit the upper limit. The main reason I stop is to not overdo it and basically save my legs for the next day. The last two sessions, I've decided to ignore the upper limit and let my body tell me when its tired. As such, I'm running longer and feeling fine afterwards (I'll verify this tomorrow)! The intensity must be the key.

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