Saturday, 30 June 2007

New 10k PB

Done the Dorney Dash (10k) today, coming home in a time of 1hr and 6 mins, a personal best. Well, its a PB in that its the fastest that I've ever done a 10k run. However, I'm still a bit disappointed, given the nature of the course (totally flat), that it wasn't better.

Still, a PB is a PB, and I knocked over 5 mins of my previous PB of 1h 11m. However, as I've said previously, that course was pretty hilly (or undulating as they described it), multi-terrain and on a scorching hot day. Todays course was the exact opposite...totally flat, all on tarmac and pouring rain!

I obviously set off too fast, doing the first km in a little under 6 mins, which killed me. I settled into a rythm after that, generally 4min/1min or similar. Done the first 5km in 32mins, just as the winners were crossing the finish line! Kinda struggled over the next 2.5km, crossing the 7.5km distance around 50mins. Perked up a bit on the homeward stretch, doing it in about 16 mins. For this last bit I tried to pick up the pace for shorter periods of time, with shorter recovery as well.

Still, I definitely learned a few things today
a) BBQ is not the best major meal before the race
b) I hadn't really trained too well for this, with just three runs in the last two weeks. Must do better next time. Actually my time was a little faster than my last training run, so perhaps should have had a more realistic expectation going into this.
c) Pacing is important...I can't seem to get this right and tried a few different approaches today. In training, I'm able to run initially for about 15mins non-stop (say just over 2k), followed by 1 min recovery periods and 4 or so mins running. Today, after setting off too fast, I still averaged the same initial pace over the first 15mins which was good. Up to half way followed my training runs but then I struggled. Should probably have done one or two training runs closer to the 10km distance.
d) Mental definitely helps to have a few mental goals to help you keep going throught the tough times. After the usual hectic start, I settled in with two or three people that seemed to be running at my pace. Decided that I was going to finish ahead of these people, which thankfully acheived. One girl in particular, was just ahead of me the entire race, until I overtook her in the last km. Goals like this seem to push me into keeping up with the pace, no matter how tough the going is.
e) Lack of change of shoes, no mp3 player, dodgy directions, etc, etc. No excuse for this really.

So, in summary, some done, (a lot) more to do.

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