Thursday, 14 June 2007

First 100km of running down!

Believe it or not, but following my run this evening, I've put in just over 100km of running in 11 or so weeks (actually I've probably put in more, but wasn't really logging for the first few weeks). 69km of that was in the last 5 weeks.

So after GAA training, went to the gym for a quick 30min session on the treadmill. As discussed on previous post, I dropped the pace down to 8.5km but upped the recovery pace to 6.5km while keeping the training zone the same (150-166bpm). Lets just say it went well, but there's a bit of tinkering to be done with the format yet.

After an initial 10 min jog, I reached the upper limit (my pb at 8.5kmph is almost 13min, but HR was already elevated after GAA training). Dropped pace down to 6.5kmph, but after 2mins, HR was still at 160bpm! So decided to go again...basically meant that I was doing 1min at 8.5 and two mins at 6.5. After a few cycles of that, just said fvck it and ignored the upper limit, just slowing down when tired. HR never really went above 173bpm.

So I figure next time, I'll just use the 8.5kmph as an easy run. I'll only keep an odd eye on the HR and let how I feel dictate when to stop...certainly doesn't feel that I've crossed the LT threshold at that pace anyways.

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