Sunday, 24 June 2007

an easy week

haven't really updated this over the last week, mainly due to no internet connection at home. Only thing I've really done was GAA training on Tuesday, followed by a weights session in the gym afterwards and a quick 5.5km walk on Wednesday night.

Rest of the week was taken up by a club photograph (followed by bbq) on Thursday and the Darwin College May Ball on Friday night, which needless to say, meant I was out of action all day saturday. The rest of the cambridge lads were playing in a blitz in Luton, which I went along to (they came second) but there was a few dodgy heads there all the same.

Big game tomorrow in the Championship for the Anthony's. Got to win the game against the Emmetts or we're out...sad thing to think about in late June! Plan is to get up early in the morning, get a good breakfast (maybe a pasta brunch is more likely) and be up for this game from the off. Last game I played, I'd an absolute stinker due to lack of preperation, so hopefully won't suffer from that this time around.

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Matthew James said...

I hope the game went well. I was completely spent yesterday. It was past six in the evening when I stirred myself to get my weights done. Still, have moved up to 30 repetitions of that excerise (cannot recall the name, but two sets of 18 and 12 each). I' am planning on moving up to 36 repetitions next week (three sets of twelve).